What is ArrivalBase?
ArrivalBase is a foundation for people who are new in a country such as newcomers, tourists, refugees, students, or whoever wants to know more about a country. You can ask question, share your experience, promote your business, and more.
What content is recommended to be posted on ArrivalBase?
Since ArrivalBase is meant to be used by people who are new in a country or want to know more about a country, please post whatever is useful for them. For example, don't post a funny video from your dog if it doesn't give information to our users. It would be hard to find information on a messy site with many irrelevant posts.
How can I change selected country, categories, or location?
Selected categories and location can be changed using the top navigation icons or Selections tab on Settings page. Since you don't need to often change selected country, it can be done only using Selections tab on Settings page.
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On home page do I see all posts from everyone?
You see all posts from everyone filtered by your selected country, categories, and location.
Do I need to add people to my connections in order to see their posts?
No. Since we want you to be aware of all answers related to your question regardsless who is in your network, there is no list of connections on ArrivalBase. So you can see all posts from everyone.
If I select a parent category in selected categories, do I see the posts on the child categories?
No. You only see the posts on the categories that you selected. The parent-child relation is just for classification. So you need to select child nodes. Image
Can I sort the posts by different criteria?
Yes. On the top of Home or Search pages, there is a dropdown list with some criteria. By choosing each, the posts are sorted by their date, the number of their useful reactions, or the number of their comments and replies. Image
What languages are supported and how can I change the language?
We support English and Farsi (Persian) now and have plan to support some other languages at near future. You can change the language using a dropdown list on the footer. Image
When I post, what fields are required and what are optional?
Category is required. Location is optional. Either of description or image/video is required. You cannot leave both of them empty.
When I post, why don't I see a field for choosing the country?
The country of the post is your current selected country. So if you want to post in a country other than your selected one, first change your selected country using Selections tab on Settings page, then post.
Can I delete the people's comment or reply on my post?
Yes. If you found a comment or reply irrelevant or offensive, you can either delete them or report them as spam. Only the auther of a post can delete its comments or replies.
What can I do if somebody wrote an irrelevant or offensive comment/reply on my post?
First, you should report that comment/reply as spam. Then, you can delete it. You don't need to be author of a post to be able to report its comments/replies as spam, but everybody who believes a post/comment/reply is spam can report it.
What can I serach for and how?
You can search for people, posts, comments, and replies using the text box on the top navigation. You see the result of the people's search when you start typing, but in order to see the result of search for posts, comments, and replies, you need to click 'Search for posts'. Image
What posts are displayed as the result of a search?
When you search for posts, comments, and replies, we only display the posts on your selected country, categories, and location. If you want to see more results or filter them, change your selected categories and/or location. If you leave the selected location empty, you see all posts with or without location specified.
How can I follow/unfollow a person?
Go to the person's profile page. If you haven't followed him/her yet, you see a Follow button. Otherwise, you see an Unfollow button. By clicking each button, you can follow/unfollow the person. If you've followed a person, you will get a notification when he/she posts new content.
How can I see who followed me?
In your profile page, you can see the list of your followers by clicking the number displayed in 'Followers Count'.
Are the posts filtered by my selections in my/people's profile page?
No. Unlike the home and search pages, the posts are not filtered by your selected country, categories, and location in your/people's profile page. So regardless your selections, you see all posts (not comments and replies) by a person unless you filter them using two dropdown lists on the page.
Can I see my comments and replies on people's posts in one place?
No. It's not possible right now. We may add this feature at future.
What is Specialty tab on Settings page?
Each person can write a brief about themselves and determine their specialty areas by selecting some categories on this tab. When you post in a category, all people who have this category in their specialty area will get a notification and they are asked to answer your question. So you get the answer of your question from right people.
How can I contact you?
We love to listen your feedback. You can ask us any question, make a suggestion to improve our website, or report any error. You can go to Contact us page to do all these by clicking the link on the footer.